About Us

Silver Lighting in 1992, An Evolution Started

Silver Lighting delivered modern-day designs for weighing scales which have become benchmarks for future years. We are serving in this field for over a decade and offer LED lighting fixtures to the public and private sectors throughout Pakistan.

A Little History

  • Bespoke products that started life as an engineer’s ideal solution have in many cases become a standard product in Silver Lighting’s healthcare lighting and commercial lighting ranges.
  • The commercial lighting and sports lighting range developed from the same philosophy of providing low-energy lighting solutions in the most practical manner.
  • Designing with LED is now an area of development that is sought by our clients and we continue to add new and innovative LED lighting products to our ranges.
  • Our reputation for service and value for money is second to none. Through the focus of our resources, our goal is to establish new standards of sales and technical support for our customers, in addition to service levels that will set new standards within the industry.

Our Vision

  •  Our product development is driven by our customer requirements.
  •  Offer a comprehensive range of responsive support services.
  •  To have fair pricing policies that offer excellent values for money.
  •  To be at the forefront of technical innovation.
  •  To earn our customers’ trust and position.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a part of Energy Secure Pakistan. Our aim is to accelerate solar energy across the country and provide a Clean, Cool & Calm hygienic environment through free Energy, and want to remove the “word” load shedding from the dictionary of our motherland.
LED lights are much more energy-efficient than incandescent, HID, or CFL lights.  LED lights to use only 2-17 watts of electricity, which is 25%- 80% less energy than standard lighting systems.
LEDs last up to at least 5-6 times as long as compact fluorescent lamps; and far longer than typical incandescent lamps.
LED lights produce considerably less heat than other lights (3.4 BTUs/ hour, compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs). Common incandescent bulbs get hot and contribute to heat build-up in a room.
No mercury is used in the manufacturing of LEDs. So, it’s completely environment-friendly.
Because of the low power requirement for LEDs, they are best suitable for use with UPS and generators as compared to other lighting products.
Although LEDs are initially more expensive than some other lights, the cost is recouped over time because of the lack of need for frequent lamp replacement, as well as through energy-cost savings.