Silver Lighting in 1992, An Evolution Started

Silver Lighting delivered modern-day designs for weighing scales which have become benchmarks for future years. We are serving in this field for over a decade and offer LED lighting fixtures to the public and private sectors throughout Pakistan.



Satisfied Clients

LEDs are incorporated into bulbs and fixtures for general lighting applications.

We have wide range of our quality products

Value For Money / Cost Effective

Making High-Quality Lighting solutions now Affordable.

At Silver Lighting, we do not compromise on quality, yet we will guarantee you the best possible price on LED’s for your business. We bring all quality LED products straight from manufacturers to you. Hence, eliminating the costs associated with the middleman. We only use A-Grade LED’s and offer the highest warranty on our products.

Our experienced team handles your project from start to finish.

We are hands-on throughout the entire process of site visits, evaluation, and documentation, including the selection, purchase and installation of the cost savings LED’s to achieve full compliance. With our experienced LED Lighting Specialists working on your behalf with the Pak Government, we will look after the entire procedure for the govt rebate


A Little History

Silver Lighting is a renowned importer and distributor of LED lights in Pakistan

Starting life in 1992 as a low-energy lighting company, our design expertise and adopt the latest energy-saving lighting technologies.

Bespoke products that started life as an engineer’s ideal solution have in many cases become a standard products.

We continue to add new and innovative LED lighting products to our ranges.